The Fiji Agro Marketing’s Executive Management Team made a tour of the Northern Division last week.

The team included the Chief Executive Officer, National Operations Manager and Operations Manager, and they met with existing suppliers, visited the existing AMA facilities, and caught up with farmers in the
relevant zones.

The visit began with a trip to Qaranivai Village – located at the North-Eastern tip of Vanua Levu, very close to Udu Point.

This village is located very remotely with fishing being the primary source of livelihood.

Fiji Agro Marketing has been buying fish from Qaranivai villagers for nearly two years now.

During the Talanoa session, certain nearby villages also expressed their interest to supply fish to the Fiji Agro Marketing and they are currently working on buying from them as well.

These fishermen will soon become contracted aqua farmers of Fiji Agro Marketing.

The team then visited the AMA Wainikoro Station, which is located in the Nadogo region and met with our fellow staff, existing suppliers, and other farmers in the area.

It was heartening to see the positive response received from farmers to grow produce as contracted farmers for the Fiji Agro Marketing.

Farmers are also willing to join the Fiji National Provident Fund in this region.

On Day 2, the Fiji Agro Marketing team visited the Ministry of Agriculture Station in Seaqaqa and met with farmers, some of whom will be coming on board as contracted farmers shortly.

They then met some farmers in the Dreketi area and spoke to them about the benefits of contract farming.

The team then proceeded to Navave Village in Bua, which is past Nabouwalu to meet with village elders and fellow villagers.

Members of Navave Village are allocating 20 acres of land to become contracted farmers with the Fiji Agro Marketing – this is good news for us.

The Chief Executive Officer and the team were then accorded a formal Fijian welcome ceremony at the AMA Collection Centre in Dama Bua.

The team caught up with fellow Fiji Agro Marketing and Ministry of
Agriculture staff and farmers from the Dama area.

The benefits of contract farming was explained to the
farmers of this area.

Day 3 began with a boat trip to Taveuni. The Fiji Agro Marketing team caught up with farmers at the office of the District Officer in Waiyevo.

Twenty farmers have indicated their willingness to sign up as contracted
farmers of the Fiji Agro Marketing, and the Ministry of Agriculture will now conduct a ‘Land Use Survey’
at their respective farms. The team then met with some farmers in Vuna, where they again explained the
benefits of contract farming and made an offer to the farmers to supply produce to Fiji Agro Marketing.
On Day 4, the team made a return boat trip to Savusavu. The Fiji Agro Marketing team was accorded with
a traditional Fijian welcoming ceremony at the AMA Collection Centre in Savusavu. The Executive
Management team then had a very productive Talanoa session with the staff and most issues that were
raised have now been resolved.
“We have had an excellent visit to the far reaches and other areas in the Northern Division. The support
received from the farmers in the Northern Division was outstanding, and we will soon see more contract
farmers signing up in the Northern Division. We will also work with the FNPF team to get the qualifying
farmers to become members of the FNPF. It was also heartening to see the spirit and hardworking nature
of the fellow Fiji Agromarketing staff in the Northern Division. We will definitely be back in the Northern
Division in the near future to complete the contract farming signup process,” The Fiji Agro Marketing Chief
Executive Officer, Mr Alvin Sharma concluded.

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