The Commissioner of Corrections Commander Francis Kean presented a cheque of $561,069.44 to the Ministry of Economy’s Head of Budget, Isoa Talemaibua at the FCS Headquarters this morning.

This was the generated profit from the Small Business Units (SBU) of the Fiji
Corrections Service for the 2018/2019 financial year.
The six SBU’s operate out of Naboro.

Commander Kean said this was the fifth such return the FCS was making since the inception of its Trading and Manufacturing Account in 2009.

“We are glad to be returning back to Government our biggest profit yet since 2015,” stated Commander Kean.  

FCS over the last few years have been returning back to Government the following profits generated from these SBU’s in Naboro, 2015 FCS returned $103,384.56 to Government and in 2016 the figures doubled to $358,160.23 despite the revised shortened financial year from December of that particular year to July.

The 2016-2017 then output almost doubled to $555,852.38. A slight reduction of $509,223.81 was recorded in 2017/2018 due to the floods encountered at Naboro affecting our vegetable farms.
Isoa Talemaibua heaped praises on the efforts of the FCS.
“We understand that there is no magic ways to generate cash and make profit but there are things we ought to do to improve financial growth. We commend the Fiji Corrections Service for working towards achieving the targets as outlined in its business plan related to TMA operations,” he said.

“Through strong leadership, FCS was able to leverage connections, add real value for its customers, customise operations and track progress through its six (6) business units that has resulted in the cheque presentation of more than half a million dollars this morning. The Ministry of Economy wishes to thank the management and staff of the Fiji Corrections Service for its financial prudence adopted over the years to ensure financial stability in the operation of these semi commercial arms,” he added.

The six SBU’s, the Tailor Unit, Joinery, Poultry, Farms,  Piggery and Bakery unit play a key role in the rehabilitative efforts at Corrections. Commander Kean highlighted that it was about teaching prisoners a new skill, instilling discipline, teaching financial literacy, how to operate and manager small business enterprises and most importantly another shot at life once they are discharged from our supervision.
He added these types of enterprises are central to ensuring successful reintegration of those under our care back to society.
Commander Kean acknowledged the Government’s support towards the functioning of these business units and said that the improved TMA returns to Government is a result of improved internal controls plus introducing simple operational effectiveness skills sets to the Correction personnel that manage these SBU’s.
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