The Fiji Council of Social Services is requesting government to assist in providing meals for those students whose households have been impacted by COVID 19.

Executive Director Vani Catanasiga says many parents have been affected through reduced hours, leave without pay or terminations.

“When kids go back to school- and they come back to school with their parents having lost their jobs in the last two months. What our DCOSS have recommended is that government provide meals for students in school when they go back to school to ensure that children are you know their intellectual capacity-they need food to be able to really function well in classrooms.”

Catanasiga has also raised her concerns regarding overcrowding in schools once schools operating normally.

“A lot of schools are overcrowded in schools in particular areas, I think the zoning policy really needs to be re-looked at nicely. If that is going to work then parents should be assured that the same level and standard of education that’s available in schools in the urban centers also available in areas outside of the urban centers.”

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