MEMBERS of the Fiji Yaqona Farmers’ Association (FYFA) were offered an opportunity to conduct an assessment process and voice any concerns at the Association’s most recent meeting.

Jiu Daunivalu, Chief Executive of the Fiji Crop and Livestock Council, said that the meeting was put in place to attain a better assessment and overview of the Yaqona Farmers’ Association, its members’ production, and overall performance – over the last six years.

“This approach will enable the farmers in the FYFA to be more organised, and have access to the necessary inputs, services and finances to meet market requirements,” she said.

The meeting, held at the Southern Cross Hotel Board Room in the Capital City, doubled as a Value Chain analysis workshop and was organised by the Fiji Crop and Livestock Council (FCLC), under a Farmer Organisations for ACP programme, funded by the European Union (EU) and International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), through the Pacific Islands Farmer Organisations (PIFON).

The Value Chain Analysis used a self-assessment template called GMP, which was designed by FCLC to assist the Fiji Yaqona Farmers Association (FYFA) was designed to analyse three main elements; how well the association is Governed (G), the qualifications and effectiveness of Management (M), and the overall Performance of the association in their role (P).

During the Value Chain workshop segment, Mrs Daunivalu reiterated the importance of structure – with proper systems and policies in place, and how it could uphold good Governance (G), therefore portraying a positive image to their members as well as interested agro-stakeholders.

The Value Chain Analysis is a model of Agro Public Private Producer Partnership (4Ps), which capitalises upon the value added to a product through the links between commodity producers to processor and markets.

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