The Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission (FCCC) has signed a Voluntary Compliance Framework (VCF) agreement with Jack’s of Fiji as part of an on-going initiative to help businesses to better comply with the FCCC Act 2010.

“We prefer to take a collaborative approach, as much as possible, in our mission to protect the rights of Fijian Consumers so it is very encouraging when a business like Jack’s of Fiji chooses to be part of the VCF program,” said FCCC CEO Joel Abraham.

“FCCC welcomes and invites any organisation that wants to be proactive and work with us to learn their role and responsibilities when it comes to compliance and the VCF is an excellent opportunity to do this.”

The VCF is a set of guidelines to make sure that businesses comply with the FCCC act and operate in a fair manner without constant oversight by FCCC.

The VCF was introduced by FCCC after noting in the past that they had collected $400,000 in fines and compliance levels were at a mere 55%. It was set up as a more efficient and effective way of assessing whether a business is engaging in anti-consumer acts.

“In the past, we often found that many cases of non-compliance and FCCC Act violations were due to traders not having a proper understanding of what was required of them,” said Abraham.

“While this is not a defence in the eyes of the law, we believe that agreements like these will help prevent misunderstandings before they happen. Now, we can establish agreed-upon rules and have a working relationship based on a shared responsibility – treating Fijian
consumers fairly.”

Abraham thanked Jacks of Fiji for stepping up and getting involved considering their reputation as operators in the field of retail and fine-store shopping.

“Jack’s of Fiji values their work with Fijian craftspeople and companies to enhance and create opportunities locally, rather than just relying on imported goods, making them one of the largest contributors to our local industry.

Through this, they indirectly employ and support hundreds of Fijians through contracts and work assignments in villages and towns around Fiji,”
added Abraham.

Jack’s of Fiji signed on with FCCC as a Pilot Project to ensure effective and efficient compliance with the FCCC Act.

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