The Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission (FCCC) is asking landlords to register online as part of efforts to streamline landlord-tenancy operations in Fiji.

“FCCC has begun its review of the rent freeze, COVID-19 has exacerbated existing issues amongst landlords and tenants, like cases of landlords unfairly evicting tenants or tenants not following the rules,” said FCCC CEO Joel Abraham.

“We undertake a review annually and believe in a collaborative approach to regulatory decision making.”
“FCCC Requests that landlords and tenants provide their submissions so that they have
their views heard. This is the time to speak up and make your voice heard – FCCC is
listening. We have not formed an opinion yet however have been of the firm view to a holistic
approach is needed through a balanced law that protects both landlords and tenants.”
“Moreover, FCCC has an online registration for landlords as well and encourages landlords
to proactively register. This is currently not mandatory, however information will enable
FCCC make an informed decision.”
“While registration is currently voluntary, we are looking into making this compulsory in the
future. This will benefit both landlords and tenants by making sure that the correct
information is readily available when there is a dispute.”
Abraham said the process was fairly simple and all a landlord needs to do is fill the standard
form and upload it with supporting documents on the FCCC website.
Landlords can register online at:

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