With the Easter holidays set to start, the Fijian Competition and Consumer
Commission (FCCC) will be conducting inspections to ensure compliance by traders and urges Fijians to be careful while shopping.

“As with all major holidays and festivals, many Fijian consumers are out and about looking to take advantage of sales during Easter, so we are mobilising officers to ensure that unethical traders do not try to cheat or mislead consumers during this time,” said FCCC CEO, Joel Abraham.

“Inspections will be done by our teams in all the major divisions, including the Western and Northern Division, and will be carried out in the usual areas of concern, like supermarkets and hardware stores, as well as inter-island shipping services.

There’s a lot of movement to the outer islands expected in the long weekend, so we need to look into logistics.”

“As always, we prefer a collaborative approach to compliance, so I urge traders to be responsible and not commit any breaches of the FCCC Act. This will not only ensure that you do not get into trouble, but you will be creating a safe environment that will benefit your business.

After all, customers will want to go somewhere that they trust.”
Mr Abraham said that while special deals during festive times can be tempting, consumers should be cautious with their wallets and spend wisely.

Consumers are encouraged to:
● stick to their budget and not over spend
● ask many questions regarding the product
● examine products carefully before purchasing
● do comparison shopping on products, services offered, and their prices
● not be enticed with free gifts or zero deposits, especially when purchasing expensive
items and items on hire purchase
● collect receipts for every purchase or service rendered, and crosscheck prices of
items purchased on special

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