The late Tui Kobuca and former Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase was laid
to rest in his village of Mavana in Vanuabalavu on Wednesday.

Hundreds of mourners, family members and friends attended the funeral to
bid farewell to the late leader.

Our news team was not able to send video files on Wednesday due to
issues with the telecommunication service on the island.

The traditional sound of the century old Davui echoed through the village of Mavana and the Vanua of Mualevu marking a day of
departure and perhaps the last farewell to a leader in all capacity.

The late Tui Kobuca Laisenia Qarase more commonly known as the former Prime Minister arriving on Vanuabalavu by
air from Suva.

The funeral cortege left the airstrip for Mavana village with a sea of
mourners dressed in black on the village green.

Tears flowed freely as village elders spoke with words hard to
find in acknowledging the vision the late Tui Kobuca had for his people and the
country as a whole.

The Vanua and the Church, two structures dear to the late Tui Kobuca, now reap the rewards of his contribution.

The late Laisenia Qarase was laid to rest on the burial ground in Mavana, Vanuabalavu Lau.

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