The Permanent Secretary, Office of the Prime Minister, Sugar Industry and Acting Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Mr Yogesh J. Karan yesterday received a farewell courtesy call from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Chief of Mission, Fiji Mrs. Mahym Orazmuhammedova.

spent two years as the IOM Chief of Mission in Fiji, Mrs Orazmuhammedova has
been appointed as the new Chief of Mission of IOM’s Mission in Belarus. 

Orazuhammedova said she was grateful to the Fijian Government for all the
support given during her term and with the new role that she will assume later
this month.  She added that in her new role, she is determined to take IOM
and Fiji’s collaboration to greater heights.

response, PS Karan thanked Mrs. Orazuhammedova for her service to Fiji and
wished her well in her new role. He also acknowledged the longstanding
partnership that Fiji and the IOM have developed in areas of Humanitarian
Emergencies, Migration and Climate Change.

Karan stated that Fiji’s partnership with IOM will be crucial in Fiji’s ongoing
work towards climate change adaptation.  In accordance with Fiji’s
National Adaptation Plan Framework, Fiji has undertaken relocation of
communities affected by climate change and that the Government has indicated
that 830 vulnerable communities require relocation due to climate-induced
risks. Of these, 48 communities have been identified as being in urgent need of

will request technical assistance and expertise from IOM in this area and in
acquiring a consolidated approach to ensure the wellbeing of communities that
will require relocation as a consequence of climate change.

key feature of Fiji and IOM partnership is also derived through the three-year
regional project “Enhancing Protection and Empowerment of Migrants and
Communities Affected by Climate Change and Disasters in the Pacific
Region”  which was launched in March last year as a way to empower the
Pacific Island governments, targeting Fiji, Kiribati, Tuvalu, Republic of the
Marshall Islands and Vanuatu to address multi-faceted challenges associated
with climate change and disaster-related migration, displacement and planned
relocation in the region.

areas of collaboration between Fiji and IOM, include: climate change
adaptation; building resilience; enhancing border management information
system; and development of a diaspora policy.

became an IOM member state in 2013, and IOM and the Government of Fiji signed a
Cooperation Agreement in 2015. Upon which, IOM was able to establish an office
in Fiji in 2017 to work closely with Pacific Island countries on issues
relating to migration, thematic areas of migration and climate change, labour
migration and human mobility, migration and development, counter-trafficking
and migrant protection, and emergency preparedness and response.

was established in 1951 and is the leading inter-governmental organisation in
the field of migration, working closely with governmental, intergovernmental
and non-governmental partners.

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