Managing studies while also being a mother to a newborn requires a lot of commitment. Mareta Koroimarama, who graduated from the Fiji National University (FNU) this week, knows just how much of a struggle it can be. 

Hailing from the Namosi province, she is passionate about protecting the environment and believes that society should take a holistic approach in helping the planet survive. 

Koroimarama joined FNU as a Bachelor of Environmental Health student in 2017.   S

he got married a year later, and some months into her wedding, she became a mother to a beautiful girl who is presently seven months old. Being a full-time student and a mother was certainly not without its challenges. 

“I knew I had to manage my school and family time very well. There were days when my baby needed care and attention and at the same time, I had to complete my assignments as well. 

Trust me, it was not easy at all,” mentioned the recent graduate. 

Koroimarama believes if it were not for the support she received from her husband and in-laws, she would not have been able to raise her daughter and complete her studies successfully. “

The support I received from them was incredible. I would not have been able to get through my three years of education without my family having my back,” stated the 21-year-old. She spends most of her time doing volunteer work in Sigatoka. 

“We have a group of individuals who go out into the communities to attend village meetings for awareness purpose. We advise the villagers on environmental health matters.” In the long term, she has her sights set on becoming an Environmental Health Officer. 

Koroimarama looks back on her university days fondly, especially the knowledge and skills she attained during her journey at FNU. “In the past few years, I have improved my communication and interpersonal skills.

I have become more organised and able to complete tasks within a given timeframe. I have also made connections with students from other areas, including those from the regional countries.” T

he FNU alumna believes that through her work, she will be able to give back to communities in a way that can benefit them in the long term. She also hopes to inspire future environmentalists.

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