Officers in the Southern Division this past week hosted Mosese Lomani, Isikeli Teu, Virimi Lomasalato and Mereoni Aditonawa after their selfless actions led to the arrest of three men for a case of alleged aggravated robbery and theft.

The four were instrumental in the arrest of the three men whereby they were allegedly involved in robbing a 31year old Manager after forcefully opening his car and stealing a bag after he had pulled over to the side of Ratu Dovi Road to check on his daughter who was crying.

One of the accused ran away with a bag containing cash and assorted items towards the Nadera Public Rental Board housing complex.

Fifty seven year old Mereoni Aditonawa from Levuka-I-Yale in Kadavu who witnessed one of the accused fleeing the alleged scene of crime shouted for help whereby, Lomani, Teu and Lomasalato pursued the suspects, apprehended them and handed them over to Police.

Officers gathered at the Valelevu Police Station to host the courageous group to a morning tea as a token of appreciation.

Divisional Manager Community Policing South, Superintendent of Police Tevita Ranacika relayed the Commissioner Police’s appreciation for their brave actions.

‘ You are heroes for standing up for what is right. You all could have easily ignored what was happening in front of you, but you chose to help and we are truly grateful”.

“We hope that you will continue to support Policing efforts in keeping the Nadera area free of crime and rally others to keep these illegal activities from occurring”.

Lomasalato while delivering the vote of thanks on behalf of the Nadera Youths echoed the importance of the Veilomani spirit, adding everyone needed to work in partnership to build a better Fiji now, for the future generation

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