This World Human Rights Day, the NGOCHR calls for solidarity and action to protect and promote human rights in Fiji.
Human Rights Day is observed around the world annually on 10 December to mark the anniversary of the day the UN General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration on Human Rights (UDHR) in 1948.
NGOCHR strongly believes that despite UDHR being adopted 71 years ago, a lot needs to be done in order to meaningfully translate the international commitment into a reality for Fiji.
“This year alone, we have experienced a multitude of human rights and fundamental freedoms violations.
Singh further stated that the Coalition is deeply concerned by the ongoing cyber bullying and the threats of violence against individuals who speak out on human rights violations and the lack of action taken by the relevant authorities in curbing the issue.
“Human Rights violations should not have a place in a truly democratic country. We are beginning to see members of the public come out strongly to defend human rights and we urge others to do the same.
“It is not only the responsibility of civil society organisations to defend human rights and fundamental freedoms, but it is also the responsibility of everybody to defend and claim our human rights. “
“We all deserve to live in a peaceful country and this means that each one of us needs to become a human rights defender. We need to denounce and remove violence from our lives. We need to hold ourselves to the highest standards as citizens of Fiji and for this, we must come together- not just on 10 December- but every day.” said. Singh.
The Chair further stated that the NGO Coalition on Human Rights marked Human Rights Day with an annual march on December 10 since 1997 but this year unfortunately due to the measles outbreak the March was cancelled.
The NGOCHR organised a virtual rally which will be live streamed on social media and welcome the public to join the conversation with the hashtag #HRDFiji.


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