As the virus does not discriminate between people and knows no borders this historic crisis requires a fast, massive and coordinated global response to protect all people, save lives and tackle the economic fallout Now is the time for international solidarity and leadership not isolation

The European Union ( as the world’s largest donor and a leading economic power, is already at the forefront of this effort

The Union has already taken a series of concrete and quick actions to support our partners Following the Team Europe approach*, the EU’s response addresses the humanitarian, health, social and economic consequences of the crisis

The EU global response to COVID 19 will integrate the strategic objectives of the European Green Deal and the Digital Agenda

The EU will secure financial support to partner countries and territories in the Pacific region and in Timor Leste for a total of EUR 119 million

The Pacific Islands Countries ( and Territories are structurally highly vulnerable to external shocks given their isolation and remoteness, limited domestic health and social protection systems, global shortage of medical equipment and supplies

As a result, the COVID 19 pandemic is negatively impacting them in the short term and will also impact them in the medium/long term

All PICs have taken stringent measures declaration of the state of emergency, full ban or strong limitations of international travels, social distancing measures, limitations of business operations and in some cases curfew

These measures combined with similar measures taken by their main trading partners ( Australia, New Zealand and United States) are already having a significant impact on the economic activity of the region.

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