A group of top epidemiologists are suggesting that people arriving from places with a low Covid-19 risk spend part of their quarantine at home.

It is one of several recommendations the scientists – Professor Nick Wilson, Dr Jennifer Summers, Dr Amanda Kvalsvig, Professor Michael Baker – claim could strengthen the country’s response to Covid-19.

The group says: “The latest scientific evidence for viral excretion should be reviewed to re-evaluate the optimal time in these facilities. The current 14-day period could then potentially be reduced for those who are willing to have some home quarantine with appropriate safeguards … another week in home quarantine after leaving MIQ facilities could be considered.

“This period could also involve digital technologies to ensure adherence as used in some Asian jurisdictions. For example, Taiwan is able to closely monitor individuals quarantined at home through personal phones or government-provided phones.”

Other suggestions include considering suspending travel from high-risk countries, pre-travel testing and quarantine for incoming travellers and changing MIQ facilities.

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