Waterways and Environment Ministry Launches “A Dollar Saved Is Worth More Than A Dollar Earned” Campaign

You may not be able to hugely influence and take control of what you earn, but you can certainly control what you spend.

The Ministry of Waterways and Environment has taken up a very innovative approach to protecting the environment by saving its resources at the workplace.

A very bold pathway to safeguarding the environment, saving energy and in the bargain extending value for the dollar, a special brand “A Dollar Saved Is worth More Than a Dollar Earned”, and the brand statement was placed as a challenge for staff to be implemented and practiced throughout the Ministry and its offices.

While addressing the staff and launching the brand, the Minister for Agriculture, Rural and Maritime Development, Waterways and Environment Hon. Dr. Mahendra Reddy alluded to the importance of saving through working smarter.

Minister Reddy reiterated the importance of savings from the existing resources as doing businesses smartly and saving resources will result in protecting the environment as well.

“One aspect of the smart business is to see how we can save, and how we can do better bio-engineering solutions to deal with this problem that is contributing towards climate change and our activities such as agricultural practices,” he said.

Minister Reddy further reiterated the several exemplars adopted and the success behind sharing resources across multiple projects had so far not only added value to the project but also helped in the efficiency, speed and reliable outcomes of the project (typical examples he chose to observe were the “Hop-Skip-n-Jump – 52-bridge, Emergency River de-silting, and the much-needed farm roads projects –all of these had saved millions of dollars in taxpayer money in the last year alone)

Minister Reddy also directed the staff from the Ministry to act and think smart saving energy and look at recycling means within the Ministry can save on its resources

In line with this, the Ministry announced two major programs to be launched for the Ministry of Waterways and Environment concerning the “Zero-Waste” entity Program and,” A paperless Ministry Ambition” to be abided by the staff.

“By undertaking all this, we not only save dollars but also think and act socially responsible, just imagine what it would feel like to be called the “First Zero waste Ministry”. It is very much achievable,” He said

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