A Film and Television student at the Fiji National University (FNU) firmly believes that smartphones and fancy electronic gadgets have taken over the world, where every second person on the street can be seen browsing through a device held firmly in the palm of their hand or streaming a video live to family and friends.

in the programme of Certificate IV in Film and Television at FNU’s College of
Humanities and Education (CHE), Sarah Robertson says the demand to keep up with
content now is more than ever.

are watching their favourite soaps, movies, cooking shows or educational videos
with the help of devices and hence there’s a need to ensure the need to create
compelling content for screens of every size to keep people informed as well as
entertained,” said Robertson.

said this growing demand for professionals in the field prompted her to enrol
in the film and television production programme.

have always been interested in visual storytelling and film-making, and I even
started experimenting in these areas through shooting and editing simple videos
on my phones and other gadgets.”

to Robertson, the highlight of this programme is students constantly receiving
valuable exposure by being attached to high-profile international production
companies, which further enhances creativity, production and analytical skills
which are essential in the rapidly evolving world of film and television

learning is provided through classroom instruction, hands-on workshops, practical
& projects and in the process, the students acquire a thorough production
experience in their specialisation.”

students get several practical opportunities outside the classroom, giving us
the chance to practice what we learn during the seminars and classes. This also
gives us students the opportunity to visit several places, some of which we
would never be able to visit on our own.”

a student intern, I have had the opportunity to work with various international
production houses, who were in Fiji to shoot their TV shows. Working with them
allowed me to experience the atmosphere at production sets and the reality of a
television workspace.”

crew members were friendly and helpful – always ready to answer my questions
and provided me with a conducive learning experience,” Robertson added.

the past nine months, eight students who are currently enrolled in Certificate
IV in Film and Television Production have been involved in the production work
for eight international television reality shows undertaken by six different
production companies. The reality shows include Australian Survivor, French
Survivor, Love Island Australia and Eco-Challenge Race.

Enrolment for Certificate IV
in Film and Television is currently underway, and you can get enrolled in this
programme by visiting any FNU campus nearest to you.

This programme provides
students with an opportunity to learn about the broader filmmaking process,
acquiring the essential practical skills and mastering the ever-evolving equipment
and computer technologies that are central to this profession.

The progressive nature of
this programme requires students to follow a stair-casing program from the
basics of FTV to secondary FTV through a final project phase. This progression
aims to enable students to learn the full range of specialisations incorporated
in film and television production, to enable career-ready technicians as they
enter into Film and TV careers.

of this programme are equipped with necessary skills and knowledge in the
following areas of film, television and documentary production – directing,
editing, cinematography, research, sound design, location sound, screenwriting,
VFX, production design and producing.

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