Sleepless nights during the rainy season and concerns of flooding will now no longer be an issue for a 70 year old Tavarau resident in Ba. 

This follows the completion of drainage and flood mitigation works by the Ministry of Waterways and Environment at Tavarau settlement in Ba that will benefit more than 15 households, farms and a shop. 

Tavarau settlement resident Suruj Wati who is a farmer and a shop owner said during heavy rainfall, flood waters burst into their shop and homes due to improper drainage. 

The 70 year old said due to the blockages of main drains that are connected with other small drains, this generates the back flow of water pushing it into their shop, home, farms and a feeder road. 

“During heavy rainfall at night, we stay awake to monitor the water level and take precaution to safeguard our household and shop items,” she said. 

“This is because most of the time water had entered into our home and shop which damaged and destroyed a lot of household materials and things from the shop,” said Mrs Wati. 

Mrs Wati said this had been an ongoing problem which they had been facing until the timely assistance from the Waterways Ministry upon their recent request. 

“I have been staying here in this area for almost 50 years since I got married and no government has ever assisted us especially with this drainage issue until we made a request to the Waterways Ministry,” she said. 

She said the drainage and flood mitigation project will not only benefit them, but will also benefit other households and will boost the agricultural activity in the community. 

Meanwhile the Minister for Waterways, Environment and Agriculture Hon. Dr. Mahendra Reddy said safeguarding and protecting communities is a priority for the Ministry of Waterways and Environment. Minister Reddy said the core objective of the government is to ensure that communities around the country are well protected and equal opportunity is provided to them in terms of their growth and development to avoid any form of disparity. 

“To attain this, the Ministry of Waterways and Environment is working intensely to ensure that no communities or households in the rural area are left behind and everyone is protected and well looked after,” said Dr. Reddy. 

Dr. Reddy further stated that the Ministry of Waterways will continue to assist rural households with their drainage and flood mitigation program and will ensure that no communities are left behind. 

Meanwhile the Drainage improvement works for Tavarau settlement was carried out at a total cost of $900.00 VEP that included the de-silting of main drains to control the runoff water from the roadside to the main drain.

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