The Sugar Industry Tribunal today directed that cane crushing at Lautoka Mill be terminated on 12th December 2019. 
This follows end of crush dates announcement for the Rarawai Mill on 08th December 2019 and the Labasa Mill on 05th December 2019.

The 2019 season will end some two weeks earlier than in 2018 with an expected 1.80 million tonnes of cane crushed, compared to 1.69 million tonnes crushed in 2018 – some 105,000 tonnes or 6% higher due to higher crush rates and less factory stoppages.  Sugar production will reflect a similar increased trend with production of 168,000 tonnes expected, compared to 160,000 tonnes in 2018.

Labasa Mill will have crushed 661,000 tonnes of cane for the season compared to 620,000 tonnes for 2018, reflecting better factory throughput and improved mechanical efficiency.

Rarawai is expected to end the 2019 season with 486,000 tonnes of cane crushed.  This compares to 466,233 tonnes crushed in 2018. 

The 2019 season has seen the benefit of boiler refurbishment works at Rarawai which has enabled consistent factory performance and increased crushing rates over a shorter season.

As of 05th December 2019, Lautoka Mill had some 25,000 tonnes of cane remaining to be harvested and crushed. 

This will lift the seasonal crush to 656,000 tonnes of cane, compared to 610,573 tonnes crushed last season.  Lautoka also recorded a higher crush rate and less inside stops compared to 2018.
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