Minister for Employment Parveen Kumar has called on employers to abide by the Employment Relations Act and relevant policies and procedures in place.

At the launch of the Nationwide workplace survey this morning, Kumar made it clear that this is not the time to take advantage of COVID-19 restrictions by laying off workers and abusing their rights.

The Ministry of Employment will continue to ensure compliance and making sure that any breaches are addressed under the law.

treatment of
vulnerable workers who may not be well versed with the Employment Relations Act
and Labour standards.

Kumar says
the labour sector exists as a unified body, and relations between employers and
employees need to be sustained at all times.

has also acknowledged those employers and businesses that have taken humane and
pro-employee stance during the COVID19 crisis.

According to
the ministry of employment a number of complaints have been filed at their

With the levels of protection measures implemented to mitigate the impacts of the COVID19 crisis – government is at the same time calling business and workplaces to employ strategies that will ensure affected sectors make a return once the pandemic is over.

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