A group of educators from across the Pacific are meeting to share ideas on research projects, engagements, experiences, reflective papers, songs and dances on current and developing issues in the Oceanian Education at Fiji National University’s , Natabua Campus in Lautoka.
Organising committee head and FNU’s, College of Humanities and Education, Professor in Education, Professor Unaisi Nabobo-Baba, said that the seminar series provides opportunities for strategic conversations between Oceania Education and Researchers in Fiji and Pacific region.
“The participants will benefit from this rare and much-needed opportunity where a community of Oceanian Educators and thinkers are converging to share with each other on post-colonial research in education,” said Prof Nabobo-Baba.
Oceania Comparative and International Education Society (OCIES), Co-President and Associate Professor, Victoria University of Wellington, Professor Kabini Sanga said the seminar series provides a unique opportunity to scholars and researchers to build networks and capacity.
“Through this seminar, we are trying to give confidence to the young scholars, who are the future leaders. This is also an occasion for them to meet in person the educators whose work they might be familiar with, and have read,” said Prof Sanga.
The Seminar series is organised in collaboration with the OCIES and the Pacific Education Research Foundation, Vaka Pasifiki Education Conference and co-hosted by FNU, USP, Solomon Island National University, Victoria University of Wellington, University of Auckland, University of Papua New and University of Fiji
The two-day seminar ends this afternoon.
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