It’s highly likely
that there won’t be any competitive sports in Primary and Secondary level when
the schools resume on the 30th of June for secondary and 6th July for Primary.

Education Minister
Rosy Akbar says they will try to forego competitive sports in schools so that
curriculum can be completed.

Schools sporting
events came to a halt in March due to Covid-19 pandemic.

But Fiji One News
understands that after opening of the school on 30th of this month and 6th of
July, sporting federations are expected to make applications for sports to
resume in schools.

It is understood that
Ministry of Education will then consider applications on a case by case basis.

Most of the schools
sporting events such as the Deans Rugby, Schools Football, Swimming, Chess,
Badminton to name a few takes place in the weekends.

If sporting
federations will be able to justify their cases and there is no danger to the
curriculum – then the green light may be given by the Ministry of Education.

For the meantime it’s a wait and see game whether competitive sports will resume in schools.

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