The Education Ministry is making necessary arrangements to support the 158 Ratu Kadavulevu School students affected by the fire at the double-story Degei House dormitory on Friday night.

The items destroyed in the fire include clothing, suitcases, bedding, and stationery.

It has acknowledged the support provided by Save the Children Fund who will be delivering 100 sets of basic stationery to the school.

In a statement, the Education Ministry says it is working with the Head of School to support students, particularly those who are still scheduled to sit for exams.

It says the school is going to purchase examination stationery for students affected by the fire so that they can continue to focus on preparing for exams.

The Education Ministry says affected students in Years 12 and 11 will work together in study groups with those not affected in the fire.

This will be coordinated by the Head of School and teachers to ensure they continue to focus on exams.

Year 9 RKS students who will sit for their exams from the 4th of next month have been taken home by their parents in the interim.

The school is also preparing learning resources for these students to ensure they return well prepared for the exams.

It says additional support from the teaching staff will also be provided on their return.

The Education Ministry says students who used to live in Degei House have moved to other dormitories previously occupied by Year 13 students who have recently completed their exams.

These students have begun to receive donations of clothing and bedding from within the School.

In relation to the dormitory,  the Education Ministry says engineering expertise will be required to assess the safety of the structure and this will determine if the building needs to be demolished or can be salvaged.

Once this information is available, the Education Ministry says it will work with the Ministry of Economy to assess the best way forward.

People willing to offer support can contact the RKS Principal on 942 2217 or 368 3781.

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