Christmas has come early for the trustees and members of the Nasomo Landowners Trust in Vatukoula who received their sixth payout of mineral royalty fair share to a tune of $87,400 today.

While distributing payout cheques to about 123 trust members, Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources Ashneel Sudhakar said this was the highest payout to date.

“Earlier this week $20,000 was paid to the Trust to facilitate the Trust’s plans to have a traditional “solevu” function for the land owned by the Trust,”  Sudhakar said.

The payout is for the period September to November 2019 and is the sixth such payout made to Nasomo since the enactment of the Fair Share of Mineral Royalty Act 2018.

To date, the government has paid out a total of approximately $400,000 to the Nasomo Landowners Trust.

Minister Sudhakar has called on the members of the landowner’s trust to utilize the money wisely and save some for their future generation.

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