A newly constructed E-garburator project which is aimed to address proper waste management for households, was commissioned at Lauwaki village in Lautoka yesterday.

The eco-based dumpsites, that will efficiently convert the community waste into valuable composted manure, is part of a Flagship E-garburator 50 Program launched recently by the Ministry of Environment.

Speaking during the launch of the community based program, the Minister for Waterways, Environment and Agriculture Hon. Dr. Mahendra Reddy highlighted the significance of proper waste disposal and management among the communities.

Minister Reddy alluded towards the improper disposal of waste which threatens the  environment and health of the community.

“First and foremost we are very concerned about the waste that is generated in households and when improperly disposed, this leads to numerous implications on the health and wellbeing of the community,” Dr Reddy said.

“Improper waste disposal can become a health hazard, which can lead to breeding grounds for bacteria and causing illness. 

Dr. Reddy further stressed that the E-garburator project will not only help the villagers in proper waste management, but will also boost the agricultural activities in the village.

“About 80% of the waste generated in the households can be converted into usable product which is manure,” said Dr.Reddy.

“Instead of buying inorganic fertilisers which are a threat to our environment and health, we want people to convert the degradable waste into a compost, organic manure and utilise that in their farms and in the back yard garden to produce organic and healthy vegetables,” he added.
Meanwhile more than twenty villagers were trained by the Ministry of Environment staff on the compositing guidelines which will help them to guide villagers of the various process of compositing.

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