Duff Reef or Cakau Galu was launched last week as a marine sanctuary.

It is also a well known turtle nesting and foraging site.Speaking in Mavana last week, Minister for Fisheries, Honourable Semi Koroilavesau told villagers that through their support, they will be able to sustain and conserve vulnerable marine resources.

“The initiative underpins the wide vision and goals of the Lau Seascape which includes maintaining and strengthening cultural integrity, increasing food security, increasing coral cover, fish diversity and biomass while maintaining and protecting terrestrial environment,” said Mr Koroilavesau.

“This commendable initiative is aligned to Fiji’s National commitments and International goals and in particular is Fiji’s commitment under the Ocean Pathway which was launched during Fiji’s presidency at the COP23 in Bonn, Germany,” he added.

“This includes protected and managed areas and reducing stresses while increasing action on blue carbon.

Initiatives as such are critical as it has a wide support from our communities that are custodians of our shared marine resources.”

Duff Reef sanctuary is one of the initiatives conducted in collaboration with the Conservation International through the Lau Seascape program.

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