Digicel yesterday announced the launch of Make-A-Wish, a campaign which is aimed at warming hearts of people in the community.

We launched the All In Fiji50 Grants and received an overwhelming flood of ideas, presentations of which are on-going this month. The Make-A-Wish is an added bonus for our people.

Farid Mohammed, Digicel Fiji CEO, said; “We are excited to introduce Make-A-Wish today as we aim to spread joy and hope this Christmas. There are lots of ways you can make wishes come true this festive season and we want to make that difference in our people’s lives. We will select 10 wishes from the lot and reward them each with up to $1,000.”

“The festive season is a meaningful occasion for families and especially children, and it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to grant wishes and cheer some along the way.”

“This year is different in ways we can’t even imagine, COVID-19 changed a lot of things and the restrictions have made life even more challenging for families in the country, forcing most of these wishes to be put on hold.”

“It’s believed wishes can transform the lives of children, their families and communities. And when a wish is realised people discover that despite their situation, anything is possible,” concluded Farid.

You can make Make-A-Wish through the online portal www.areyouallin.today or email to FJ_Marketing@digicelgroup.com

Entries are open to Fiji residents only and you must have parental support if you are under 18years. Entries close on Saturday 19th December.

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