Minister for Rural and Maritime Development and Disaster Management Hon. Inia Seruiratu yesterday reminded the Government team serving the people of Cakaudrove to work on focusing all developments on resilience. 

Hon. Seruiratu is currently touring the Northern Division with Permanent Secretary for Rural and Maritime Development and Disaster Management Mr. David Kolitagane to visit teams based at emergency operation centres within the division and also check on the progress of our relief and recovery efforts for both TC Yasa and TC Ana. 

While addressing the Government team at the Cakaudrove EOC in Savusavu yesterday, Minister Seruiratu said developments should not just be done for the sake of doing it. “Don’t give water tanks just because they need to have water tanks. You must work according to what we are experiencing in this new norm.

The water tanks must have some things to ensure their sustainability in the long term. What you must focus on now is resilient developments,” Hon. Seruiratu said.He reiterated that developments to be undertaken post TC Yasa and TC Ana were to be very well-planned. 

Hon. Seruiratu also reminded the team to continue with our consistent messaging of the need for Fijians to invest in their homes to ensure the protection of families during disasters. 

Provincial and district meetings, he said, was an ideal place to advocate on the issue of housing. Minister Seruiratu also thanked the team for their efforts in ensuring that affected Fijians within the province were assisted in a timely manner following the aftermath of the two recent disasters. 

During the visit to Savusavu, Hon. Seruiratu and Mr Kolitagane also visited the province’s bulk store and the Savusavu market where they met with Fijians from nearby rural communities and villages who shared their stories about the impacts of TC Yasa and TC Ana on agricultural production.

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