“With determination and the right support, anything is possible if you have the will to succeed.”

These are the words of Superintendent of Police, Salanieta Saunitoga, the Deputy Director of the Fiji Police’s Intelligence Bureau after graduating from Sydney’s Macquarie University’s Master of Intelligence Program.

Originally from Nacamaki Village in Koro, Saunitoga says after completing her secondary education at Gospel High School, she joined the Fiji Police Force and has been serving for over 26 years.

Saunitoga says that because she did not have any tertiary education experience, adjusting to University life at first was, difficult.

She says the 18-month course was challenging, however, she wanted to prove to other women officers that anything is possible if you have the will to succeed.

The 18-month course in Sydney, Australia meant leaving her family for a long period of time which the mother of seven said was difficult, but she was comforted with the knowledge that her family would benefit once she successfully completed her studies.

The Master of Intelligence Program’s area of studies included History of Intelligence, Critical Thought Research Design, International Security, Terrorism and Cyber Terrorism.


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