De-silting works along the adjacent creeks of the Waidamu River have commenced, helping minimize flooding along Waituri, in Lakena, and the whole of Vuci in Nausori.  

This was highlighted by the Minister for Agriculture, Waterways and Environment, Dr. Mahendra Reddy while visiting communities in Nausori today.  

Minister Reddy noted that the major de-silting works carried out by the Ministry of Waterways would benefit close to 70,000 Fijians, a majority of whom live in low lying areas along the Rewa delta.  

Dr. Reddy said that flooding in these affected areas could be attributed, but was not limited to various aspects such as hydrology, land-use, topography, and land type which was meant for farming purpose to hold water, rather than just specifically drainage in the area.  

He noted that dredging works at the Waidamu River would mitigate flooding in the affected areas, adding that the completion of De-silting works would ease the water flow of the river and its adjacent creeks.  

Dr. Reddy also stressed the important role of the public in helping to maintain creeks and drains by refraining from rubbish and household goods disposal in waterways which significantly contributed to flooding.   “We will continue to provide services within our mandate to ensure that Fijians are safe from flooding and waterways are clear for the free flow of water during heavy down-pour.  

“While an enormous amount of drainage works has been carried out by the Ministry, we still find that these drainage systems are not well maintained once cleared and are often filled with white goods, tires, household rubbish, motor vehicle parts, which block the drains causing floods during heavy rainfall,” said Minister Reddy.  

Minister Reddy was accompanied by Permanent Secretary for Environment Joshua Wycliffe and other senior officials of the Ministry and they also visited Waituri road, Lakena where the  illegal dumping of household rubbish, white goods and cylinders had caused flooding during the recent heavy down-pour.

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