Daylight Saving will officially begin next week Sunday- November 10th.

Fijians are to wind their clocks one hour ahead of the standard time starting at 2am.

A reminder was issued from Minister for Employment and Productivity – Parveen Bala today.

There was confusion as people checked their phones and the time had automatically changed an hour ahead this morning.

Vodafone Fiji states  in every other country where DST is implemented, the day is kept consistent each year to ensure a seamless change in time from previous years DST software time patch applied by the equipment manufacturers.

And due to continued changes in daylight saving time in Fiji each year, manufacturers of some mobile device have not been able to apply software patches to automatically adjust the time.

Because of this, Time on some mobile device may have shifted one hour ahead based on last year’s daylight saving time software patch which happened on the first Sunday of November last year.

This unfortunately has resulted in wrong time on some handsets.

Vodafone had tried informing its customers in advance through a SMS broadcast, Facebook and Newspaper notices on how they could manually set the time on their handsets to ensure correct time was reflected.

Daylight saving will end on Sunday- January 12th next year at 3am.  Members of the public will be requested to wind their clocks back by an hour.



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