Once information is collated and tabled, decision makers are then able to make uniformed decisions which will further develop and enhance the fisheries sector.

This week we highlight the work carried out by 32-year old Epironi Vuadreu Turaganivalu who began his journey with the ministry in 2010.
Turaganivalu is a Fisheries Assistant with the Inshore Fisheries Statistics Unit and his work is to mainly support and facilitate data collectors in conducting market survey from municipal and non-municipal markets for all divisions within Fiji.

“I mainly conduct physical inspection and collection of artisanal and commercial fisheries catch data from municipal and non-municipal markets according to the design of market survey work plan,” explained Turaganivalu.

“It is imperative that I uphold and maintain a workable relationship with fish vendors and fishermen.”

He adds that it is important that there are submissions of timely updates of market survey database and analysis of data as well as weekly submission of divisional data on market sampling of fish sold at the market to his supervisor.

“I also have to maintain an inshore market survey data archive for the respective divisions and also advise my immediate supervisor of the progress and constraints of data collection development from respective divisions.”

Work is not always a bed of roses as Turaganivalu says that his main challenge when conducting market survey is the behavior and negative remarks they often receive from fish vendors, fishermen and sometimes members of the public.

He adds that despite setbacks they often face when out collecting data, they still maintain their professional conduct and ensure that they get their job done.

The ministry currently has 12 Data Collectors stationed in the four divisions in Fiji.

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