In consideration for health and safety of the public and measures taken by our Government, Courts will as from 6 April 2020, operate and function as follows:-

A.        All Courts and

1.         During the
period 6 April to 17 April 2020:-

  • Except for urgent matters, no Civil, Criminal, Family or Tribunal matters will be heard or
    called for mention/review/pre-trial conference or for any reason during this
  • Except for Urgent Matters, all matters listed for
    hearing or mention/review/pre-trial conference or any other reason are to be
    adjourned for mention to dates in May; Matters listed for mention in May will
    not be more than 5 matters per day.
  • If the litigants who are represented by Counsel
    (including Legal Aid) the Registry will write to Counsel informing them that
    their presence is not required on the scheduled day and further informing them
    of the next mention date.
  • Unrepresented litigants are not required to be present
    in Court on the scheduled date and they will be informed of the next mention
    date in due course.  
  • Senior Court Officers in liaison with Judicial Officers
    will exercise their discretion in determining whether matter is urgent or not.

B.         Registries

 From 6 April 2020,
all Registries will operate with very limited number of staff to  ensure that public is not denied access to

C.        Filing of Documents

 The period commencing from 20 March 2020 to 17
April 2020, shall not be reckoned in
the computation of time presented by Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, High Court
Family Court or Magistrates Court Rules, or as directed by any Judicial
Officer, Chief Registrar, Deputy Registrars, Registrar and Assistant Registrar
for amending, delivery or filing of any Documents, Affidavits, Submissions or

D.        Contact Persons

            Following persons may be contacted
for any assistance or clarification:-

            Central/Eastern Division:

            Mr Krishan Prasad, Deputy Registrar
Legal – 9411216

            Mr Vinay Sharma, Registrar Family
Court – 9960764

            Western Division:

            Mr Jeremaia Kotovulalima, Deputy
Registrar Legal – 9487758

            Northern Division:

            Mr Ashwin Kumar, Acting Deputy Registrar
Legal – 9244210

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