As the Diwali Festival approaches the Consumer Council of Fiji is once again advising shoppers around the country to be vigilant when it comes to  the Purchasing of Items.

Consumer Council of Fiji -Chief Executive officer-Selma Shandil says the difference of prices has become a major concern for them.

Shandil says as consumers there is a different prices shown on advertisement and what is shown is totally different on what is be sold at the shop. So this is misleading the consumer and is deceiving the council sees this as an unethical practice by the Traders as hey are trying to get them into the supermarket and consumers end up buying something.

She says this is a worry for them as Diwali is approaching  and there will be a lot of shopping involved.

Shandil says its important that consumers do comparative Shopping before they purchase a Product and to be Vigilant when they shop not only for Diwali but as the Christmas Holidays Draws near as well.

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