Fresh concerns have surfaced against a prominent bakery for the sale of stale and mouldy bread.

Several consumers in the past two weeks had lodged complaints at the Consumer Council of Fiji after noticing fungal growth on bread just purchased.

This has sparked major concerns as it is that evident some bakeries are seeking to rid old stock with a lack of regard for consumer health and the value of their money.

Another worrying issue for the Council is that only a few out of the many bakeries operating in Fiji retail bread and pastries containing “baked – on” dates. “Consumers are reminded to check for the “baked- on” dates to ensure what they are consuming is safe to eat.

The “baked – on” date is the day on which the bread or pastry is made. It is an obligation under the Food Safety Regulation 2009 that traders selling bread, which has a shelf life of less than 7 days, have to provide the “baked – on” dates to consumers,” said Council Chief Executive Officer Seema Shandil.

“Many consumers are stretching their finances to ensure they can always put food on the table with the meagre resources that they have.

Every cent matters at this time and it is perplexing to find businesses showing disregard both for the law and consumer’s health.

People expect value for their money and expect the best service and products, especially from businesses that have become household names.

They need to do better,” she added.

A snap survey of some bakeries last week also showed issues of improper handling and storage of bread where bread was left exposed to the environment without proper coverings and bakery staff who were handling the bread were doing so without proper gloves.

The Council is issuing a strong warning to traders to abide by legislations in place as the Council strictly objects to such practice.

The Council is again calling on consumers to report related complaints by calling our toll-free line 155.

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