Josevata Werelagi, also known as Josie, said in his caution interview on March 2016 that the complainant said she could not go home because there were a few misunderstandings.
This is according to the investigating officer , Detective Corporal Arieta Buidei who took the stand yesterday.
She is the third prosecution witness.
Budei was in charge of investigating the case, recording the complainant’s statement and caution interview with Josie.
She said the surveillance included the hotspot areas in Nausori to Rewa Street.
Budei alleged that the hotspot for prostitutes is also at the Gospel High School bus stop in Rewa Street.
She added that during Josie’s caution interview, he said he carried out sex work at the Gospel bus stop for money but he never took the complainant to the bus stop for sex work.
Josie also said that the complainant was offered $35 in exchange for sex.
The caution interview was held in March 2016 while the complainant’s statement was taken in July 2015.
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