Connecting farmers to the market remains a critical and paramount commitment of the Ministry of Agriculture. Evidently, by linking farmers to the market, large scale farming is fostered, thereby leading to commercial agricultural ventures.  

This was highlighted by Minister for Agriculture when commissioning the upgraded 1.7 kilometres of Kavanagasau farm access road at Sigatoka’s East Bank today.  “We are vigorously pursuing food and nutrition security to all Fijians, at the same time encouraging responsible agriculture where our environment and natural resources are not compromised for future generations.

 “For the above initiatives, the connection of farmers to the market is critical and paramount. Large scale production will demand machinery and easy accessibility to the farm.

As such, infrastructure plays a very critical role in advancing the Ministry’s collective aspirations to achieving its objectives,” said Hon. Reddy. He also elaborated that the program was an ongoing exercise, with the Ministry targeting all farm roads throughout the country to either be upgraded or constructed.  

“There was a total of 38 farm roads completed with the actual length of 62.1km and benefiting approximately 1,100 farming households that engage mainly with the following commodities, assorted vegetables, Yaqona, root crops, ginger, Vanilla, beef and sheep. 

Meanwhile, Kavanagasau farmer Netani Tubulurua has shown his appreciation for the newly upgraded farm access road as it would relieve the burden faced by farmers. “We would like to thank the Ministry of Agriculture and the Minister for hearing our pleas to upgrade this access road,” said Mr. Tubulurua.

 “Access to the farms has now been made easy and convenient to our farmers. For the 2020-2021 financial year, the Ministry will continue with the farm road upgrade activities with the budget allocation of $800,000. This fund will enable work on 64 farm road projects with an estimated length of 103.1km which will directly benefit 2,180 farming households.

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