The Construction Industry Council (CIC) reviewed the way forward in its executive meeting held recently in its FNU Samabula headquarters.

CIC Chairman Gordon Jenkins said that while 2021 promises to be a challenging year, the Council is well positioned to increase its contribution to the construction industry.

He said that in the meeting the 2021 Construction Industry Conference was discussed and investigations are now underway to the possibility of launching the Conference and Trade Show later in the year but at this point, he said, no date has been set nor has a location been selected.

The Council is also looking at organizing seminars through the year specifically targeted at industry concerns.

The Council is grateful, said Mr. Jenkins, for the support from Government and is looking forward to ways in which it can strengthen this relationship.

“As representatives of the construction industry we have the resources to provide the expertise in all aspects of construction and the Council is investigating ways in which this information is more readily available to Government,” he said.

The Council is also exploring ways to introduce a virtual library into its website to help provide another avenue for information in the industry especially for students.  Mr. Jenkins said that this is in its early stages but it is being pursued.

Because CIC represents so many construction associations, it is perfectly placed to provide a service in which it can help promote both local and overseas company products.

“We are presently putting together a presentation that will encourage companies to promote their products through CIC.  We have the reach and the expertise to help companies effectively reach their markets.  We expect to launch this new service shortly.”

Mr. Jenkins said that this year a major effort to increase membership is now underway, including strengthening the membership rolls of the associations and encouraging those related to the industry like Government bodies and NGOs,

“This is a billion dollar industry that reaches into the far corners of our economy and we believe that there are many in the broadest community who would benefit from being a part of CIC. 

CIC next meeting is scheduled for August 3, 2021.

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