The Land Transport Authority is reiterating its advice for motorists to be mindful of road safety during this festive season.

Drivers must not to drink and drive, don’t over speed, have enough rest if planning to travel long distance, if fail to do so you risk getting killed or sustain serious injuries.

Drivers are also cautioned to look out for pedestrians crossing the road especially children on the road, wherever they may be.

Here are some simple road safety tips that one as a driver must follow always:

Always wear your seat belt: it is important for drivers and passengers to wear seat belts. Seat belts help save lives and we advise all drivers to ensure that they wear seat belt at all times and also ensure that their passengers wear seat belt as well to ensure their safety.

Take extra precautions when driving in adverse weather: it has been often seen that drivers are over speeding during bad weather. Therefore, drivers are advised to refrain this practice of over speeding during bad weather as it will lead to a catastrophic death.

Practice defensive driving: it is very important for drivers to drive defensively. Always drive as close to the left that will protect drivers from getting involved in an accident.

Keep your vehicle on top condition at all times: Ensure maintenance of your vehicle at all time.

Avoid distractions: Do not use mobile phones while driving.

Avoid driving when drowsy: Never drive a vehicle if you feel drowsy or unwell. If you are tired pull your vehicle over at a safe parking spot and have a rest for a while before proceeding on your destination.

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