The first Fijian has
been appointed to the World Rugby Governance Review Committee.

World Rugby launched
a governance review process that includes examining the criteria for
prospective council and elected members.

Cathy Wong has become
the first ever Fijian and a Pacific Islander to be appointed on the World Rugby
Governance review committee.

It’s a huge
achievement for Wong as World Rugby launched an independent-led governance
review group.

Wong is part of the
diverse and game-wide representative Working Group comprising of independent
experts, players and representatives from emerging and established rugby
nations, with a broad range of experience and expertise. 

The Group will review
and analyse the effectiveness of the present governance model in line with the
terms of reference approved by the World Rugby Council and Executive Committee.

It will also identify
best-practice governance models and lessons which World Rugby can apply, and
analyse any required reforms, making recommendations for consideration by EXCO
and the Council.

It has the core
objectives of enhancing the effectiveness and agility of World Rugby’s governance
structures, ensuring they further reflect the universality and diversity of
rugby and society, and support the best possible decision-making process for
the global game.

The World Rugby
Council has expanded by more than a third with the inclusion of Fiji, USA,
Georgia, Samoa and Uruguay and women currently account for a third of the 52

It is anticipated that the review findings will be presented to the World Rugby Council later this year.

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