Carpenters Fiji Limited has been fined $FJ10,000 by the Suva Magistrates court on one count of false and misleading price representation.

Concluding action taken by the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission. FCCC charged the company with making representation concerning a price advantage of certain goods that did not exist.

FCCC Acting Chief Executive Officer, Senikavika Jiuta says that FCCC had received formal email from a concerned consumer in reference to irregular prices on certain items that was sold by the company.

This led a routine inspection by the FCCC officers where they found evidence of the claimed issue. FCCC Officers went on to hold caution interview with the appointed representatives where they were warned for prosecution.

This is the fourth incident this year where Carpenters Fiji limited has been charged and fined. On September 27, this year, they were fined $FJ25,000 for false and misleading representation, $FJ15,000 on October 14, for overcharging on price-controlled items and failure to mark on price-controlled items and $FJ20,000 for failure to display prices on certain price-controlled items and non-controlled price items.

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