The Ministry of Health and Medical Services acknowledges passengers who have made contact with us in regards to their whereabouts and health status.

still urgently need to get in touch with the 53 remaining passengers who were on
flights with an airline attendant who was the first case of COVID-19 in Fiji to
call 2219906 or email on

flights are:

  • FJ
    871 – San Francisco to Nadi     (16 March 2020)
  • FJ
    411 – Nadi to Auckland
              (17 March 2020)
  • FJ
    410 – Auckland to Nadi
              (17 March 2020)

This is a follow up from the Prime
Minister’s statement on the contact tracing exercise done by the Ministry’s
contact team.

We look forward to receiving further
updates on the following passengers:

No Name Last Known Address Division
1 Prasad Roneeta Nausori Fiji Central
2 Chand Charan Vishneel Navua Central
3 Tevita Bainivalu Nadera Suva Central
4 Manjula Devi Vuci Rd, Nausori Central
5 Neori Racule Makoi, Nasinu Central
6 Vilisielesi Tavui Navuso Agriculture Compound Nausori Central
7 Viliame Gaunavinaka Damu Rd, Nepani Central
8 Magaono Tui Kauniton St, Vatuwaqa Suva Central
9 Sharma Ravikash Mandir Rd, Suva Central
10 Singh Sneh Nabua Central
11 Tukia Matie Kauniton St, Vatuwaqa Suva Central
12 Saheeda Kanum Drasa Lane Lautoka
13 Sweta Shaleen Singh Lautoka Lautoka
14 Singh Rohin Lata Tomuka Lautoka
15 Tiare Marinoa Lautoka Lautoka
16 Motikaoiaki Paimanula Lautoka Lautoka
17 Sarita Lautoka Lautoka
18 Sailesh Ram Saweni Lautoka
19 Khan Amir Sohar Kulukulu Sigatoka
20 Khan Sabra Kulukulu Sigatoka
21 Kumar Ripesh Korovuto Ba Ba
22 Raja Rama Namosau Ba Ba
23 Natadra Menani Votualevu Nadi
24 Kalam Emeli Luisa Wailoaloa Nadi
25 Keneth Barnes Matamanoa & Volivoli Beach Resort Nadi
26 Corrine Macdonnell Matamanoa & Volivoli Beach Resort Nadi
27 Healy Emily Pullman Nadi Resort Nadi
28 Rawat Aakansha Sofitel Beachfront Nadi
29 Clayton Mills Sofitel Beachfront Nadi
30 Tamara Melgoza Worldmark Timeshare/Wyndham Nadi
31 Thomas Greenspan Pullman Nadi Resort Nadi
32 Alvin Daluyaya Worldmark Timeshare/Wyndham Nadi
33 Hwang Daniel Hilton Denarau Nadi
34 Juvirah Frondoso Worldmark Timeshare/Wyndham Nadi
35 Anu Radha Navakai Nadi Nadi
36 Tamara Uekes-Schenedel Sofitel Beachfront Nadi
37 Kurt Schenael Sofitel Beachfront Nadi
38 Trumper Stuart Mark Hilton Resort Nadi
39 Brown Julia Catherine Hilton Resort Nadi
40 Fihaki Lupeti Vunaivisere, Nadi Nadi
41 Waite Terrence Keith Marriot Resort Nadi
42 Povey Saraya Anne Marriot Resort Nadi
43 Pietersen Roell Club Fiji Resort, Wailoaloa Beach, Nadi Nadi
44 Schuitemaker Amber Monique Hilton Resort Nadi
45 Prakash Emily Priyanka Tokotoko Nadi Nadi
46 Deepanjali Raksha Tokatoka Nadi Nadi
47 Prakash Arnav Rishabh Tokatoka Nadi Nadi
48 Prakash Asish Tokatoka Nadi Nadi
49 Prakash Anshika Ashley Tokatoka Nadi Nadi
50 Tan Ee Lin Tokatoka Resort Nadi
51 Potroz Michael Graeme Tokatoka Resort Nadi
52 Alex George Martintar Nadi
53 Pushaparaj Ammini Capricorn, Queens Road, Martintar Nadi

The Ministry wishes to advise that these
passengers are within the 14 days incubation period of being in contact with
the index case for Fiji and therefore need to be self-quarantined. 
Furthermore, these passengers are not patients but persons of interest and
those who require observation to ensure that there is no spread of potential
COVID-19 in the community.

This contact tracing is a vital part of
our containment measures and in order to do this, we need your support to
contact us immediately.

The Ministry of Health is appealing to the members of the public to get in touch with their friends and families who have been on the abovementioned flights to contact us even if they are not showing any symptoms.

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