Government have set up buying booths along the confirmed Suva borders to ensure Suva residents still have access to adequate food of acceptable quality and nutritional value during the lockdown.

The Agricultural Marketing Authority will set up booths from the Sigatoka end of the Lami Bridge, the Nausori Town end of the Rewa Bridge and at the Sawani Service Station end of the Sawani border to ensure uninterrupted supply of fresh produce to local markets.

The Agriculture Marketing Authority will buy from all suppliers and deliver produce to the vendors of the Suva market and within the greater Suva area every day for the duration of the lockdown period.

➡️ The booths will begin buying operations from 5.30 am -1:00 pm daily until further notice.
➡️ The suppliers will be paid cash at these booths for the sale of produce to the Agricultural Marketing Authority.
➡️ The purchasing will be for the required variety of fresh food and fruits which is sold at any market for an estimated volume based on the consumption requirement.

The Agricultural Marketing Authority will distribute this fresh produce within the greater Suva area immediately after procuring produce from 5.30 am every morning.

We advise farmers and the suppliers to refrain from mass harvesting of produce to ensure consistent supply.

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