The National Fire
Authority (NFA)

is raising concern over the recent increase in number of commercial fires.

Seeing such high industrial and commercial fire occurrence
numbers, the NFA is urging public and businesses to start taking fire safety

After last week’s fire incident on Friday 25th,
May, in which part of Flea Market and Value city building was destroyed, the
NFA is sending a strong message to all business communities to invest in Fire
Fighting Training and to work with NFA to ensure their buildings are fire-safe.

The NFA provides training in a number of areas for businesses
and private industries. There are range of skills that can be gained through
this formal training including emergency warden training and use of fire

Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Puamau Sowane says fire safety
is everyone’s responsibility and people should take advantage of fire safety
awareness programs that NFA officers provide.

“Fire safety is everyone’s responsibility and business
communities should take ownership in learning fire safety. It is vital to train
your staff on strategies to follow in case of a fire emergency and in doing so
we will be able to prevent many major fires.

NFA has been extending its reach to communities and the
general public in a number of ways to help create fire safe communities.

The NFA provides Fire Fighting Team training, Fire Warden
training, Fire Safety at Work Training and Fire Evacuation Training. It also
provides a consultancy service to inspect and report on fire safety matters
relating to buildings.

Mr. Sowane urges the public and business communities to start
looking at the strategies they have in place to prevent any fire incident and
work with NFA to take advantage of the services provided by NFA.

Mr Sowane also emphasizes on the importance of building
owners ensuring the materials used in the building are fire-safe.

“Building owners should follow the building code in place to
ensure that they are fire compliance. Ensuring this will help prevent fires
that may cause major loss for businesses.

The situation involving
coronavirus (COVID-19) now is unprecedented and many businesses will be making
decisions that they have not faced before. Many businesses are already
laying-off their workers and in this trying times Mr. Sowane encourages every
member of the public to help prevent any fire incident as it adds to greater
economic losses.

NFA is aiming to continue providing the best services to the
members of the community. It continues to invest in new equipment, more
awareness programs and more fire stations around the country in order to serve
the communities.

CEO Mr. Sowane re-iterates that fire safety is everyone’s
responsibility and that simple fire safety precautions should be strictly
adhered to at all times to avoid unnecessary fire related damages to

He also advises the public to call 910 as soon as they see
smoke or fire in order to give NFA and the Firefighters the best and quickest
opportunity to respond to the fire incident on time.

Every life and property matters and the National Fire
Authority urges everyone to help recognize and appreciate the work of the
Firefighters in their communities.

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