An automatic transfer switch (ATS) that runs raw water pumps to the Waila Water Treatment plant has burned out causing all 5 Raw Water Pumps to switch off.

Water Authority of Fiji’s (WAF) Electrical and Mechanical Teams have mobilised to the site to replace the burned-out ATS and will work around the clock to restore water to the affected areas as soon as possible.

This outage will disrupt supply to the entire Suva Nausori Corridor and recovery once repairs are completed will take at least a week to fully recover the system. Customers will start experiencing low pressures to no water supply later this afternoon.

Water Carting teams are being mobilised to cart water to impacted Fijians.

For water carts, please call 5777.

Water carts will be dispatched on availability and according to the list of requests.

WAF urges patience over the next few days as we endeavour to ensure our customers have access to water and again remind all Fijians to have 2-days worth of drinking water stored at all times in case of disruptions caused by the current drought conditions and/or unplanned operational faults like these.

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