Last week the Ministry of Fisheries conducted the third of six one-week coral restoration training sessions scheduled for our 2020 season! Our four keen participants in this session came from an NGO, a resort, a community-based organization, and a local dive company – all were seeking to build their knowledge and experience with coral restoration.

They were blessed with beautiful weather for much of the week which made for productive field sessions. Apart from learning new skills, techniques, and gaining knowledge about designing and implementing effective restoration strategies, the trainees helped our team to transplant ~600 corals from our nurseries back to the reef, asexually propagate another 700+ colonies consisting of ~20 species, remove >200 crown-of-thorns starfish from three different reef sites, deploy a new rope nursery, and make 150 cement discs to be used for coral propagation later in the season. Well done – nice work team!

The trainings are being conducted as part of a grant funded through the US Embassy Suva’s Regional Environment Office entitled “Building Capacity to Optimize the Ecological Outcomes of Coral Restoration Efforts in Fiji”.

They wish the participants much success in their future coral restoration efforts and look forward to following the outcomes over coming years!

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