Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama has called on every #Fijian to adapt to climate change by building resilience.

Speaking at the climate security workshop today, PM Bainimarama highlighted that #Fiji is a relentless advocate for climate action.“But even if tomorrow every nation committed to join us in achieving net-zero carbon emissions, the seas would not stop rising overnight, nor would the climate revert to its pre-industrial patterns.”

“The science tells us, because of the carbon humanity has already emitted, climate impacts would still become far more severe before they ever abated.”

“The world would still have to reckon with a crisis of climate migration, climate-driven conflict fuelled by competition for competing resources, and the heavy economic costs of climatic disasters. We must deal with the world as it is and as it will be.”

“That is why we must adapt by building resilience. Not only at the Government level, but as a society. Every business, every civil society organisation, and every Fijian must understand these issues and know their role in confronting them.”

PM Bainimarama stressed that climate change is national security threat number one for Fiji and building climate resilience is complex and urgent of an issue as they come.

“It not only looks at rising sea level, population displacement and more consistent and extreme weather events, but also must consider the many less-apparent, indirect impacts of climate change, like its potential to unravel recent progress of our nation’s water, food and health security.

These lasting repercussions, both direct and indirect, will be disastrous for Fiji if plans and strategies are not put in place to respond to them.”

PM Bainimarama also called on the participants at the workshop to commit to collaboration and to look beyond their normal bubbles for perspective on how they can cultivate a more climate-secure Fiji.

“No one workshop, let alone one person, can possibly hold all the answers when it comes to an issue so complex – one that is simultaneously so collective, yet so personal.

Climate change threatens us all, and we must work together to respond to this greatest of tests to our national security.”

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