Two teams from the Mineral Resources Department (MRD) were sent to conduct borehole assessment and reticulation works in the cyclone affected areas in the north.

Both teams have completed most of the borehole assessments and repair on ground water reticulation works in Bua, Macuata and Cakaudrove Province.

The Minister for LMR, Hon. Jone Usamate said that the teams have been doing a great job on the post TC Yasa restoration works. He also commended them for standing up to the call of the nation, sacrificing Christmas and New Year’s celebration with their families.

TC Yasa had damaged several pump house structures, solar structures and panels, water tanks, broken pipelines, connection issues and borehole contamination.

The restoration works undertaken include: the installation of new controllers for the solar system, replacement of broken pipelines, rebuilding pump house, repairing and replacement of tanks and borehole flushing using the compressors.

In addition, pressure tests on all the groundwater reticulation sites were carried out in order to ensure that water supply is back to normal especially for those communities who rely on boreholes as their main water source.

The teams had successfully repaired 13 boreholes and restored water supply namely: Ratu Emeri Primary School, Navasua Government Station, Kiobo village, Waisa village, Nasaisaivua village, Wailailai settlement, Natokalau village, Raviravi village, Navatu village, Kubulau District School and Lekutu Government Station in Bua and Navukebuli village in Macuata

Also, the teams travelled to Druadrua and Kia islands to carry out borehole assessments.

The Australian Defense Force (ADF) airlifted the compressor to these islands that is used to flush the boreholes.

The borehole at Yaro village on Kia Island was decommissioned because a two-meter wooden log was in the borehole and could not be removed.

The Hon. Minister, Jone Usamate also highlighted that reticulation works at Qelemumumu in Macuata is still pending as the teams await the restoration of the electricity.

The Ministry is working towards identifying new borehole sites for Kia Island, in Macuata.LikeCommentShare

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