Provisional numbers show that visitor arrivals for April 2020 totaled 678. In comparison, in 2019, visitor arrival numbers for April stood at 76,813.

This decrease in numbers can be attributed to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions on international travel due to closure of most international airports.

From the 678 visitors, 6 came by air while 672 came by sea.

The sea visitor arrivals were mostly seamen on fishing vessels, who were already in Fiji waters when international travel was restricted.

Resident Departures for March 2020

A total of 7,608 Fiji Residents departed our shores during the month of March of which 5,855 or 77.0% were for a short-term absence of under three months and 1,122 or 14.7% were for over three months and within 12 months period. A total of 631 or 8.3% of resident departures were for a longer-term absence of 1 year or more.

The reasons for departure as reported by residents leaving for a short-term absence were as follows; Visiting Friends or Relatives – 42.9%  Holiday – 32.3%  Business – 12.6%  Employment – 6.1%  Education/Training – 2.4%.  Others – 3.8%

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