The Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts Hon. Rosy Akbar has called on parents to be aware of what their children see on the internet. Officiating at the graduation ceremony for the Conservatorium of Dance in Nadi .

Minister Akbar highlighted the changing times and how social media has become a huge influence in every person’s lives especially children. 

Minister Akbar highlighted that students spend most of their time in school however has called on parents to ensure safety while children are out of school. 

“There are a lot of things that happen that affect our children and we need to better monitor them when giving them access to the internet. “We must protect our children.

Parents we must be very vigilant and mindful on how they use their mobile phones. 

“Do we ever bother to find out what sites they surf on the web?” Minister Akbar called on parents to relook at how they are raising their children and ensure that children are always kept safe. 

She stressed that the primary role of a parent is to be aware of their children’s activities including who their peers are. 

The Minister also called on the graduates to inspire other young Fijians and to become job creators.

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