The Consumer Council of Fiji has all hands-on deck as consumers are expected to splurge – taking advantages of specials and discounts up for grabs this Diwali.

This has been substantiated through a survey conducted by the Council which revealed that 2 in 3 consumers will take advantage of Diwali specials. Majority of the participants (66.7%) indicated that they would take advantage of specials on groceries.

It can also be anticipated from the survey that consumers will be looking forward to specials on items such as clothing, shoes, fireworks, kitchenware, jewellery, electronics, cleaning and renovation items.

The figure below shows the percentage of consumers who would be spending more money than their average expenditure on the different categories of items.

Given this shopping hype among consumers, Consumer Council of Fiji Chief Executive Officer Ms.Seema Shandil has reminded businesses to refrain from unscrupulous trading practices and provide consumers value for their money.

“Past experience has also shown that the commercial hype associated with this important religious and cultural event can often lead to unfair trading practices with traders engaging in dodgy and unethical practices such as false claim, misleading and bait advertising, selling poor quality products at premium price, selling old stock and expired or defective products” said
Ms. Shandil.

Consumers have also been reminded to be vigilant and practical when shopping. Ms. Shandil says that the Council would also like to see consumers exercising their rights and responsibilities by making smart and informed decisions and question about the price and quality of goods and services before making a purchase.

This will ensure that consumers get the best quality products.
Consumers have also been advised to do comparative shopping to get the best deals around and to always keep receipts for each purchase they make.

“The Council has emphasized that it will not hesitate to take appropriate action and report these matters to enforcement agencies if traders are found to be engaging in dubious practices which deprives consumers off their rights as well as their hard-earned money,” said Shandil.

Any unethical and illegal trading practices discovered by consumers should be immediately reported to the Council on the toll-free number 155 or through the Consumer Council of Fiji mobile app.

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